Monday, December 22, 2008

2 things, other things

Thing One:

"Crowdsourced Extensible Metatagging Mechanism" - essentially, content for your content, brought to you by the people. On your youtube video, you can have a whole ton of stuff - objects visible, words being said, people present, subjects discussed, references made, colours, links, images, audio clips, citations - literally anything.

Then make it searchable, and filterable.

Then implement a damn fine interface over it all.

Extensive notes in blue notebook that starts with times and schedules.

Thing Two:

Taxonomy for the Classification of Goals -- an afterthought to a Taxonomy for the Classification of Things I want to Learn.

Generally, there's enough things out there that I hear about / notice and end up thinking "I want to learn that" or "I want to do that" or "I want to be good at that" that I simply cannot remember them all. So it would make sense to formulate some sort of a taxonomy by which to classify them and then record them according to the taxonomy when I encounter them.

There is a possibility that I will start a new blog for this .. anyway, it's a high priority thing.

Other things:

Polypropagation was neat, so is the game (damn it I lost (this is not the first time I've been exposed to the game - that's just something I had to say - the game is hereused under an alternate definition)

That may be all for today.