Sunday, August 2, 2009

No Profit Allowed

"For Profit" should not exist

everyone should be "not for profit", and operate on a model very similar to the way that those do now.

The government provides a funding grant, you pay them back say, 115% of starting funds, maybe 150%, 1000%, I don't know.

Then you run the business. Pay yourself, your employees, pay back the government (or if you wish, some alternate investor - I'm just using the government because I'm picturing this as a heavily socialized thing) - and make your product / provide your service. Once you're paid up, go on as you like.

But you have to use / donate 100% of your revenue. So you pay yourself and your employees, invest in growth/new ventures, and donate the rest to charities or somesuch. No one gets crazy wealthy, everyone still gets paid, the charity portion of the nonprofit sector (which provides no pay services or products) gets a boon of money, everyone wins?

I think the greed of the investor, wanting perpetual returns, that's our problem. I likely just don't understand, that's all.